Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Prophetik - Sustainable collection to kick-off Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Prophetik collection

February is fashion fervour time. The international 'Fashion Weeks' begin this week with Copenhagen starting today followed by New York Fashion Week tomorrow. London Fashion Week returns to Somerset House on February 19th along with Esthetica the ethical fashion exhibition and off-schedule shows at Vauxhall Fashion Scout.

I'm delighted that Vauxhall Fashion Scout - set-up to promote new and emerging talent during London Fashion Week - is opening with the Tennessee-based sustainable brand Prophetik. Jeff Garner, the designer behind the label, told Drapers Online that he is "looking forward to doing an all-sustainable catwalk show...hoping it will set a marker for the future of the encourage other companies and individuals to get involved in sustainability."

Prophetik create collections for men and women - some of the pieces being unisex. Other pieces can be worn in more than one style creating a number of looks from one garment. Fabrics include organic cotton, organic silk, hemp and recycled fabrics. The inspiration behind the new collection is "early concepts of sustainability when resources were scarce".

With the brand's strong philosophy for sustainability and it's emphasis upon original design, Prophetik certainly prove that one does not have to be compromised for the other. I can't wait to see the new collection next Friday.

Prophetik's full interview with Drapers here.