Friday, 31 January 2014

Max Jenny - Creating colour for a rainy day.

Max Jenny
Autumn Winter 2014
"we love colours and we just love what we do"

I love Winter!  Crisp cold days.  Snow.  Clear skies.  Rosy cheeks.  Layers of cosy clothes.

However, I am not loving this Winter.  Damp days. Rain. Rain. More rain. Grey mornings.  Grey afternoons.  Grey skies.  Grey faces hidden below dark umbrellas.

I'm sure you'll agree, what we need in the UK right now is an injection of colour to help us through this unusually wet and colourless season.  -and here it is.  Courtesy of Max Jenny.

Swedish/Danish designer Maxjenny Forslund, creates large scale, boldly coloured patterns to produce one-off pieces using rainproof and protective recycled fabric.  Max Jenny collections include clothes, functional outerwear, hats, bags and umbrellas.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Maxjenny, whose colourful, positive and exuberant personality is infectious.  Her designs are a true reflection of her.  Maxjenny! pushes fashion for rainy days just a little bit further.