Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Evacuate Top Shop

I have often wondered what would happen if in the middle of the afternoon everyone was asked to leave Top Shop's Oxford Circus flagship store. Where would everyone go? Would shoppers casually wander into the store next door or across the street? Of course not. When an alarm sounded this afternoon followed by a request for everyone to leave the shop the seemingly never-ending stream of people poured out of the store and calmly waited outside showing the brand loyalty every retailer wishes for.

Although Top Shop is part of a large corporate retail group they show their support for ethical fashion (and their savvy business acumen for spotting a new commercial opportunity) by offering vintage fashion and ethical fashion labels.

More fashion retailers need to be doing this. At all market levels. Whether this is by including organic fabrics and yarns to their ranges, creating an ethical sub-brand, introducing ethical fashion brands to their stores, linking-up with designers who create ethical and sustainable fashion…

Ethical fashion isn’t a passing trend. Or, the latest fashion fad for young fashionistas. It is the future for fashion.