Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Never too cold for sandals

Image via mohop.com

I have never liked my toes! I don’t want to go into detail. All I’m saying is they appear longer than average. There. I’ve said it. My secret is out. But my toes are staying in.

In summer, I try to wear shoes as often as possible. Or I wear sandals with enough coverage to hide the offending toes. Ah! But when Winter arrives, I rejoice the open toed sandal. Worn with socks, of course.

You see, I enjoy the unexpected mix of socks, opaques and woolly tights worn with strappy sandals. There's something interesting about a contrasting print and texture peeking through or even bunching up between the straps. I like to subvert that old style rule that socks with sandals is a major faux pas.

Imagine my delight when I came across Mohops. These innovative, environmentally friendly sandals are hand-crafted by Annie Mohaupt in her Chicago studio. The ergonomically designed soles are made from solid walnut, maple or cherry from sustainably managed forests. Ribbons of different lengths, colour and fabric can be threaded through the elastic loops to create an infinite number of looks with just one pair of sandals.

Fantastic for your individuality, your budget, your storage space and for sustainable fashion. What's more, they look fabulous with socks and woolly tights.