Friday, 21 August 2009

Statement Handbags with a Conscience

I came across this stylish handbag and just had to share it with you. Hand-crafted in Colombia using a combination of natural fibres, including sisal and iraka palm combined with cowhide leather, to create a unique and modern accessory. I love the mix of textures and unexpected use of colours - adds a quirky fashion touch.

Copyright Artisan LIfe Limited

Check out the colourful cuffs too. Produced from iraka palm fibre, naturally dyed to create vivid colour combinations. Pile them high to make a fashion statement with a conscience.

To view a full range of products take a look at Artisan Life's website.

Copyright Artisan LIfe Limited

Artisan Life Limited was established to promote, develop and support Colombian artisans and their crafts. Colombia has a history of handmade crafts and cultural traditions. This cultural heritage continues to provide an important source of income to a female dominated workforce who have limited options for productive employment. Artisan Life focus upon improving the artisans' quality of life, using natural and sustainable materials and preserving the cultural heritage of Colombian crafts.

Admirable values. Fabulous, unique products. Who can resist?