Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Innovation: MIA

With it's contemporary styling and innovative mix of fabrics you would be forgiven for thinking this was the latest range from a successful fashion retailer. This collection is by MIA, a fledgling ethical fashion label, that has won the Innovation award from the Ethical Fashion Forum.

Image from MIA website

The collections are designed using a combination of second hand clothes bought from local markets in Malawi, together with traditional Malawian textiles. Mia's inspiration came from seeing people on the streets of Malawi wearing western clothes mixed with traditional textiles. The result is a range that brings together an unexpected yet modern fusion of different cultures.

The collection is produced in Malawi with the aim to bring financial independence to local tailors, second hand clothes sellers and textile partners in Malawi.

As part of the award MIA will be showing at the PURE exhibition next month.

Images from MIA website