Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dressing-up for summer in David Longshaw

David Longshaw - Spring Summer 2011

I recently heard a story about a gang of 'Chavs' who - accompanied by their heavily chained, muscular dogs - broke into a stately home with the intention of stealing valuables of any kind.  Once inside the house, rather ransacking and stealing, the gang entertained themselves by dressing-up in the owner's stunning clothes and jewelry.

The designer David Longshaw told me that story.  It's the story behind his Spring Summer 2011 collection. A collection of innovative styles printed with David Longshaw's humorous illustrations in a palette of mid-tone summer pastels.  The combination creates a feminine collection with a quirky urban edge.

I'm longing to dress-up in David Longshaw this summer.

David Longshaw - Spring Summer 2011