Thursday, 28 May 2009

Hanging Out at Tate Modern

Walking along the South Bank, I noticed this installation being assembled outside Tate Modern. Lace curtains were being hung on a cat's cradle of string amongst the silver birch trees, their leaves rustling as the lace fabric danced gently in the breeze. The sun shimmered through the lace creating patterns on the ground. There was something so lovely and natural about the whole thing. An enchanted forest.

I was reminded of this installation when I read an article called 'Hang it out' in Selvedge magazine. The magazine has started a campaign to encourage people to be kinder to the environment by boycotting their tumble dryers this summer.

Photograph from Selvedge magazine

I know. I know. It's easier said than done during a British summer. And, it's not that easy for city dwellers with small or no outside space. Maybe we could all do our bit for the environment this summer, by hanging out at least one or two pieces of washing. Be inspired by the Tate Modern. Create your own washing-line installations.